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St John's services...

Saturday 9th September

Flowers: Helen Cleaver

Sunday 10th September

7.00pm Evensong
Readers: Isis Hilton & Linda Beech

Sunday 17th September

9.30am BCP
Readers: Derek Avery & Pat Bostock

Sunday 23rd September

7.00pm Celtic Communion
Readers: Victor Read & Pat Salt

Saturday 30th September

Harvest decorating and cleaning 2pm altar Kath Hoddell
Everyone very welcome. Any produce (in small boxes) or flowers would be gratefully appreciated

Sunday 1st October

3.00pm Harvest Festival
Readers: Chris Wilson & Victor Read
Followed by a short auction. Refreshments

Saturday 7th October

7.15pm-7.30pm Harvest Supper
Tickets £11.00 (under 12yrs £5.00) to be purchased by 1st October please from Church Wardens
Marchington Woodlands Village Hall.

Sunday 8th October

No Service

Sunday 15th October

9.30am BCP Communion
Reader: Pat Bostock

Saturday 21st October

Flowers: Isabel Wilson

Sunday 22nd October

7.00pm Celtic Communion
Readers: Linda Beech & Isabel Wilson

Saturday 4th November

Flowers: Pat Salt

Sunday 5th November

3.00pm All Soul's Service
Readers: John Bostock & Pat Salt

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