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OPEN THE BOOK (www.openthebook.net) is telling Bible Stories to first school children, this is being provided to local schools, within the area during school term time only, if any one wishes to help with this valuable work please speak to Valerie Laflin 01889 500547.

Deanery Training Programme

Uttoxeter Deanery Training Programme is available please see leaflets within church or speak to church wardens for more information.

Visits From Key Minister

John wishes to visit people in the Marchington Woodlands at the moment, please contact church wardens if you would like to be visited. John Jukes 01283 821535

Scrap Book

It is important to note what we are doing at church and record events to show others, so we have started a scrap book of services and events we have completed, if everyone wishes to put photos in the book please bring to church.

Electoral Roll

This year we have 48 members on the Electoral Roll if any one would like further information about or wish to join the Electoral roll please speck to Linda Beech on 01283 820209.

100 Club

100 Club Winners: May Shaw, Richard Beech, Grace Robinson, Noelle Harman and Matthew Finney

Marchington Woodlands Village Hall

Coffee Morning

Tuesday 20th February, 10.30am followed by a Soup Lunch

Whist Dates

Whist Dates 2nd March and 16th March

Art Group

Kingstone Village hall are looking for new members to join their art group, there is an introductory meeting on Tuesday September 12th 7pm in the Community room ,the group is a social meet where all abilities are welcome. Please phone Norman Deaville for further details 01889 500216.

Marchington Woodlands Village Hall Booking

For village hall booking please speak to Joyce Salmon 01283 820393, view availability first www.Marchington.info/village_halls

Tai Chi

Tai Chi a gentle form of exercise will start again on September 5th at 8pm, for the beginners class please telephone Richard for further details on 07501 918846

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